Caique Parrot Caiques as Pets Caique Keeping Care Pros and Cons Housing Diet and Health

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The Caique parrot is known as the clown of the parrot world. The funny demeanor of the bird, coupled with the awkward antics makes this parrot a very entertaining companion. They are brightly colored in shades of yellow and green. These medium sized birds can learn several tricks as they are highly intelligent creatures.These birds are fun loving, confident and happy. They are known for being extremely curious by nature which actually makes it fun to watch them pecking around and exploring their cage. This book will give you all the information that you need with respect to raising your Caique parrot the right way. Details about training the bird and handling them correctly have been included so that you can form a strong relationship with your pet. This book is great for beginners who are contemplating about bringing this bird home. It will help you assess if this bird is a suitable pet for you or not so you can make an informed choice. Covered in this book: Care Costs Daily care Do’s and don’ts Feeding Health Hygiene History Intelligence One or two Personality Pro’s and Con’s Tips on buying Training Travelling …and much more

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